CBD Benefits

  • Lesly's appearance on The Horse Talk Show

    Recently, Lesly Ginsburg appeared on The Horse Talk Show, hosted by Louisa Barton on WSKY 97.3 in Ocala to talk about CBD products for horses.
  • Is CBD Effective for Chronic Pain?

    A report published in a Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research referenced the use of cannabidiol dating back to ancient China. It reported that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve chronic pain. It also has relaxing properties that can help to enhance sleep and alleviate anxiety.
  • Can CBD help with my Anxiety or Depression?

    CBD is a well-known compound and has gained great popularity as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical remedies to many health conditions, including anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.
  • Can CBD help with my Cancer Symptoms?

    Cannabis and CBD have their role in assisting with many health conditions, including relieving pain or nausea associated with cancer and cancer treatment.
  • Does CBD work for Digestive Issues?

    CBD has also been discovered to be able to suppress the spasticity of the intestines and stimulate appetites. The anti-inflammatory abilities of CBD are responsible for relieving the contraction in the intestines usually caused by cramping.